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This is an imp I received from the BPAL trading post with a recent order.  I have heard of it again, but the notes sound like they would be just too sweet for me.  Caveat:  I’m currently sick, so I may not be able to detect all the scent subtleties.

Scent Name: Reindeer Poop

Manufacturer:  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Sea of Tranquility event exclusive

Scent Description and Notes: This scent was given out as a frimp at the Sea of Tranquility will calls, 12/22/07. Companion of Winter Holiday 2007 Stress Relief Elixir bottle..” – BPAL

Oil Color: The oil has settled, so there is sticky brown resin on the inside of the imp while the oil that is not stuck is a light brownish amber.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz).  The label wrapped around the bottle features an Art-Deco inspired Phoenix with the the name of the company at the bottle of the image. On the other side, the title of the scent written in large, clear black font outlined with red on the front.  However, around the border of both the back and the front, festive Christmas lights adorn the borders.


  • In the Imp (ITI):  Cocoa, fruit cake or spice cake,  and perhaps a little pine.  Um, this may not be for me.  I’m generally not a foody when it comes to scents.
  • Wet:  The cocoa is verb prominent on my skin, although the spice cake is coming though (a bit of battery tones mixed with cinnamon), and once again, the pine is merely hanging out in the background.  I would like this scent much more if the pine was a major player.  It’s not super foody, but I  still don’t love it.
  • Dry: The cinnamon is stronger once dry, although there is still the base note of cake and cocoa, which I don’t mind, but of which I’m not terribly fond.  There is the faintest hint of pine, but not enough to make it something I would wear.
Other Impressions: Tony thinks it smells like the incense in church – nothing foody about it.