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This is an imp my mother traded me for The Midnight Carnival since I bought myself a bottle.  She also bought herself a bottle of this scent, so I get to have her imp.  Joy!

Scent Name:  Elli’s Song

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – The Last Unicorn

Scent Description and Notes: “Most shows,” said Rukh after a time, “would end here, for what could they possibly present after a genuine unicorn? But Mommy Fortuna’s Midnight Carnival holds one more mystery yet – a demon more destructive than the dragon, more monstrous than the manticore, more hideous than the harpy, and certainly more universal than the unicorn.” He waved his hand toward the last wagon and the black hangings began to wriggle open, though there was no one pulling them. “Behold her!” Rukh cried. “Behold the last, the Very End! Behold Elli!”

Inside the cage, it was darker than the evening, and cold stirred behind the bars like a live thing. Something moved in the cold, and the unicorn saw Elli – an old, bony, ragged woman who crouched in the cage rocking and warming herself before a fire that was not there. She looked so frail that the weight of the darkness should have crushed her, and so helpless and alone that the watchers should have rushed forward in pity to free her. Instead, they began to back silently away, for all the world as though Elli were stalking them. But she was not even looking at them. She sat in the dark and creaked a song to herself in a voice that sounded like a saw going through a tree, and like a tree getting ready to fall.

What is plucked will grow again,
What is slain lives on,
What is stolen will remain –
What is gone is gone.

“She doesn’t look like much, does she?” Rukh asked. “But no hero can stand before her, no god can wrestle her down, no magic can keep her out – or in, for she’s no prisoner of ours. Even while we exhibit her here, she is walking among you, touching and taking. For Elli is Old Age.”

The cold of the cage reached out to the unicorn, and wherever it touched her she grew lame and feeble. She felt herself withering, loosening, felt her beauty leaving her with her breath. Ugliness swung from her mane, dragged down her head, stripped her tail, gaunted her body, ate up her coat, and ravaged her mind with remembrance of what she had once been. Somewhere nearby, the harpy made her low, eager sound, but the unicorn would gladly have huddled in the shadow of her bronze wings to hide from this last demon. Elli’s song sawed away at her heart.

What is sea-born dies on land,
Soft is trod upon.
What is given burns the hand –
What is gone is gone.

The horrors of entropy, death, and decay: desiccated black mosses, vetiver, olibanum, patchouli, and ashes.” -BPAL.org

Oil Color:   Amber honey.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz). The label wrapped around the bottle features an Art-Deco inspired Phoenix with the the name of the company at the right-hand side of the label. The other side is a bit different since this is an imp specifically from a special collection.  It features the words in a grey color that read “Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn” at the very top.  Just below that in a warm chestnut brown field box is white text that features the name of the scent.  Along the outermost side, written down the side is the web address of BPAL.  The image is a beautiful eerie pencil drawing of someone (an older hag type character) words of death and description, as smoke and skeletons seem to spill out into the air surrounding the mouth.

Label art was created for us by Renae De Liz, the artist on IDW Publishing’s six-issue comic miniseries of The Last Unicorn. Renae worked on The Last Unicorn comic with her husband, colorist Ray Dillon.


  • In the Imp (ITI):  Smoldering patchouli and olibanum sitting in a pile o f ash, brightened only bits of vetiver.  I’m not smelling the moss at this point, but it may show up on my skin after I apply it.
  • Wet: The ash and smokiness is prevalent as the foremost note.  Following is smoky olibanum and hints of earthy patchouli.  However, the green notes are not present at all while wet.  I’m not minding, through, because the scent is a lovely resinous scent.
  • Dry: After 14 hours, there is only a faint hint of something resinous.  On second reapplication, the olibanum, patchouli, and ash are in harmony.  I smell a touch of vetiver, but no moss.

Other Impressions:  Overly powdery according to Tony.