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I managed to find a wonderful person who provided me with full imp samples of the coveted Anime Expo limited edition scents.  Mori Girl is like bohemian lolita, which is such a subtle and understated approach to the concept of uber femininity. I would expect myrrh, light sandalwood, and maybe lilac or violet with this scent.

Scent Name:  Dolly Kei

Manufacturer:  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Event Exclusive – Bat’s Day at Anime Expo 2012

Scent Description and Notes: MORI GIRL
Forest tuberose, woodland mosses, wisteria blossoms, hime wood, night-blooming jasmine, and honey dust.
” – BPAL

Oil Color: A dusty yellow, although much harder to tell as this is a brown apothecary bottle rather than an imp.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  I managed to obtain a bottle of this.  The bottles are brown class and have a label on one side of the scent.  The label has a yellow field across the top, the name of the company  and Anime Event Exclusive in red letters across the bottle, and the name of the scent in light green (in crazy neon-esque word art designs on either side of the character.  The  character is the girl in the green, yellow, and brown dress.


  • In the Bottle (ITB):  I get wisteria, jasmine, and a softer, sweeter note.  I assume this is the honey powder.  It is rather feminine, although a bit more floral than I had originally anticipated.
  • Wet:  Wow, the wisteria is very strong on my skin and reads a little synthetic.  However, the jasmine underneath keeps in from being too overwhelming.  I don’t get any more of the honey, but I think I get touches of moss.
  • Dry: I get a little cream note from the honey dust I think, but I still get mostly gardenia and jasmine with a touch of moss.  It’s pretty, but I like I think Boystyle better out of the 4 event exclusives.
Other Impressions: It is like flowers and powder to my husband’s nose.