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Someone included this delightful frimp in one of my packages.  I’m thankful I got to try it!

Scent Name: Ville-Marie

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab –  Pretty Indulgent Exclusive: Quebec Series I – Retail Exclusive

Scent Description and Notes: VILLE-MARIE
“An elegant blend of native and imported flowers twirled around a sophisticated vanilla-touched white musk: Madonna lily, crabapple blossom, Begonia juliana, dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids, and five varieties of lilac.

Un musc blanc sophistiqué, touché de vanille et marié à des fleurs indigènes et étrangères: lys, fleur de pommier, Bégonia, orchidées dendrobium et phalaenopsis , et cinq variétés de lilas. -BPAL

Oil Color: A soft grain color.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz). This is a decant from Mellifluous.  On the back, she has the notes of the scent in smaller font and the title in a pinkish red cursive font.   The front features a topographic map of Ville-Marie.


  • ITI: It smells like super sweet vanilla, musk, and some lily under all of that.
  • Wet: Thick vanilla pudding, musk, orchid, and a touch of lilac on my skin. 
  • Dry: The orchid, lily, and lilac are more evident dried on my skin.  However, there is still a light tone of musk and vanilla to soften the florals and keep them from becoming soapy. 

Other Impressions: A femininely sophisticated scent that I would reach for on occasions and nice nights out.