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I’m breaking into my Yule scents for the next few weekends in preparation for the next BPAL update.

Scent Name:  The Smilin’ Servitors’ Hyperdimensional Holiday Hits

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Yule 2009

As seen on tv!

A musical extravaganza of madness, terror, and woe! Twenty-three insane interstellar holiday hits from everyone’s favorite amorphous toad pipers, including “Doom to the World” and “Here We Go to Sacrifice”!

A discordant scent, silvery and strange like a lunatic’s tinsel garland: freesia, eucalyptus, and yuzu, with sicilian lemon, massoia, opoponax, night-blooming jasmine, white bergamot, and copaiba oleoresin.” -BPAL

Moassoia: This is usually derived from tree bark and is used in the creation of sugar-cane molasses.  Alone, it smells like sweet, milky coconut.

Copaiba:  This generally as a rich, woodsy quality to it, with some describing at a cigar-box smell.

Oil Color: A soft, lemony yellow.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz). This is a decant from ralenth.  She has the name of the scent, collection and company acronym in bold on back.  Underneath, it has the scent notes.   Her decanting name is on the front along with a picture a decked-out Christmas tree.


  • ITI: Oh, that’s a rather bright and clean scent.  I get wonderfully tart lemon with yuzu and slightly soapy floral, which is usually freesia for me.  It’s still pleasant despite the soapiness.
  • Wet: Lemon, ripe yuzu, freesia, thickly sweet massoia; hints of bergamot add to the scent’s complexity.
  • Dry:  It’s much more reminiscent of a Glade plug-in now with strong freesia and jasmine with swells of lemon and mild bergamot.  It is strong enough to make me sneeze.

Other Impressions: None.