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Petitgrain, my skin’s nemesis.  I see we meet again.  May the power of linden blossom overpower you and sent to to scent Valhalla.

Scent Name: The Creeping Mist

Manufacturer:  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Halloweenie 2010: Gothic Literature, Vol. 1

Scent Description and Notes: THE CREEPING MIST
I stopped my horse, and looked round me again.

Yes: I saw it. With my own eyes I saw it. A pillar of white mist—between five and six feet high, as well as I could judge—was moving beside me at the edge of the road, on my left hand. When I stopped, the white mist stopped. When I went on, the white mist went on. I pushed my horse to a trot—the pillar of mist was with me. I urged him to a gallop—the pillar of mist was with me. I stopped him again—the pillar of mist stood still.

The white colour of it was the white colour of the fog which I had seen over the river—on the night when I had gone to bid her farewell. And the chill which had then crept through me to the bones was the chill that was creeping through me now.

I went on again slowly. The white mist went on again slowly—with the clear bright night all round it.

I was awed rather than frightened. There was one moment, and one only, when the fear came to me that my reason might be shaken. I caught myself keeping time to the slow tramp of the horse’s feet with the slow utterance of these words, repeated over and over again: ‘Jéromette is dead. Jéromette is dead.’ But my will was still my own: I was able to control myself, to impose silence on my own muttering lips. And I rode on quietly. And the pillar of mist went quietly with me.

My groom was waiting for my return at the rectory gate. I pointed to the mist, passing through the gate with me.

‘Do you see anything there?’ I said.

The man looked at me in astonishment.

I entered the rectory. The housekeeper met me in the hall. I pointed to the mist, entering with me.

‘Do you see anything at my side?’ I asked.

The housekeeper looked at me as the groom had looked at me.

‘I am afraid you are not well, sir,’ she said. ‘Your colour is all gone—you are shivering. Let me get you a glass of wine.’
—Miss Jéromette and the Clergyman, Wilkie Collins

A muculent, brumous, ill-omened scent: orris, yuzu, white ginger, linden flower, petitgrain, and lotus. – BPAL

Oil Color: A greenish yellow.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz).  Decanted by ralenth, the label features the notes on the back, the decanting name on the side, and the name of the scent and collection framing the picture.  The front displays the image  a hilly area dense with fog.


  • In the Imp (ITI): Petitgrain first hit my nose, but it was quickly covered over by strong yuzu and linden flower.
  • Wet:  Lovely, juicy yuzu and crisp linden flower with some warmth from the white ginger, and just a little of the petitgrain (not enough to make me dislike it…yet).
  • Dry: The yuzu is much fainter, but blended nicely with the linden flower and just a touch of white ginger.  It’s pleasantly appealing, and I’m so thankful petitgrain doesn’t play a major part in this scent.
Other Impressions: “I don’t know what it is, but it’s tasty.  There is a little bit of soapiness to it, but remove that, and bake the rest into a tart.” -Tony