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Scent Name:  Jupiterian Phoenix

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab –  BPAL 10 year anniversary, 2012

Scent Description and Notes: “O Jove much-honor’d, Jove supremely great,
To thee our holy rites we consecrate,
Our pray’rs and expiations, king divine,
For all things round thy head exalted shine.
The earth is thine, and mountains swelling high,
The sea profound, and all within the sky.
Saturnian king, descending from above,
Magnanimous, commanding, sceptred Jove;
All-parent, principle and end of all,
Whose pow’r almighty, shakes this earthly ball;
Ev’n Nature trembles at thy mighty nod,
Loud-sounding, arm’d with light’ning, thund’ring God.
Source of abundance, purifying king,
O various-form’d from whom all natures spring;
Propitious hear my pray’r, give blameless health,
With peace divine, and necessary wealth.

A blessing of optimism, prosperity, and sound judgment: sarsaparilla, juniper berries, Himalayan cedar, Terebinth pine, sweet clove, green tea, nutmeg, and hyssop.” -BPAL

Oil Color:  A greenish yellow oil.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz). This is a decant from Absinthetics.  On the back, she has the notes of the scent, the title of the scent in orange, the company acronym in bold, and her decanting information. The front has a picture of a phoenix ascending from the sun.


Image from blackphoenixalchemylab.com


  • ITI:  The first note is rather sweet and floral, the clove and hyssop I’m assuming, but the juniper berries and pine quickly follow.  I can’t smell much else aside from those.
  • Wet:  Clove, nutmeg, hyssop, pine, juniper, and a touch of sarsaparilla and the warmth of green tea.  It’s invigorating, really. 
  • Dry:  After 14 hours, I only get faint clove.  After reapplication, the pine, juniper, clove, green tea, and sarsaparilla blend nicely together.

Other Impressions: “Celery seed, peach, and I’m not sure if that is frankincense or myrrh.” -Tony smelling while scent is wet.