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Scent Name:  Iranian Galbanum

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab –  Single Notes: Discontinued 10/25/12-11/26/12

Scent Description and Notes: “Iranian Galbanum possesses a complex tart, green, resinous scent that is strangely amorphous and mercurial. There is a balsamic woody tone to it at times, and at others, it appears metallic and aldehydic. Galbanum corresponds to the Fool and the element Air, and embodies the qualities of innocence and surrender. The scent is calming and meditative; the oil can be utilized for self-reflection, initiating new beginnings, and soothing wounded souls.” -BPAL

Oil Color:  Colorless.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz). This is a sniffie from ralenth.  It features a half label with the name of the scent and company acronym on the front  within parenthetical decanting information framing it.  The back features scent notes.


  • ITI:  Sharp, green, acerbic newly cut saplings and crushed insects. I do not like this at all based on the imp scent.
  • Wet: Ok, it’s still green and bitter, but I get something more resinous on my skin and something just a touch powdery.  The green is now a crushed grass with dandelion stems. The resinous quality keeps developing to the extent that it rivals the intensity of the green, but does not overpower it. 
  • Dry:  It’s back to acerbic and green, but still resinous.  It’s taken on a slightly smoky and woodsy quality, but not enough to make me want to get anything more than the sniffie I have. 

Other Impressions: “Wait, I know exactly what that smell is.  It’s cut dandelions, specifically the stems that have been freshly cut.  That is exactly what it is.  I don’t like it, but some people might.  I’m not passing judgement, but I’m saying that’s what I got.”  -Tony