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Scent Name:  Iago

Manufacturer:  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Illyria

Scent Description and Notes: Malevolent, dark and shadowy: sinuous black musk, wet leather and vetiver.” – BPAL

Oil Color: A dark, resinous brown color.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz).  The label wrapped around the bottle features an Art-Deco inspired phoenix with name of the company next to the phoenix. On the other side, the title of the scent written in large, clear black font outlined with red on the front.


  • In the Imp (ITI):  It’s muskily sweet, followed by leather and smoke.
  • Wet: Smoky and rich vetiver swirling around black leather with a touch of skin musk.  Oh, this is dangerous and sexy.  
  • Dry:  As it dries, the vetiver becomes a little more bitter, like sitting by a smoldering camp fire.  The leather is still present, but the sweetness from the musk is incredibly when when compared to the two stronger notes.  Honestly, I’d like to smell this one on my husband.
Other Impressions:  Longevity is a bit short lived with this scent.