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Oh no, a wine scent.  My skin and I do not agree with most wine notes.  I’m hoping it isn’t a major player, though.

Scent Name:  The Chilling Cellar

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab –  Halloweenie 2012

Scent Description and Notes: “Wine just turning to vinegar, crumbling mortar, red clay, and the coppery tang of old blood.” -BPAL

Oil Color: A gorgeous reddish peach color.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz). This is a decant from ralenth.  On the back, she has the notes of the scent.  The side features her decanting name while the front has the company acronym, collection, decanted amount, date, and image.  The black and white image is a cellar opening and a flight of bloody stairs viewed from the bottom.


  • ITI:  Yes, there’s the red wine, and it certainly is going bad.  I also get the scent of older blood as well. Hmm.
  • Wet:  There is a dusty, stone-like element that I smell just under the wine, which must be the mortar.  It’s sweeter and more approachable on my skin.  
  • Dry:  The wine is now sweet and spicy while hints of earth and a touch of something that reads of vanilla swirl underneath.  This is quickly turned into an enjoyable wine scent. 

Other Impressions:  “Blueberries, honey, and walnuts…and a tiny bit of saw dust.”  -Tony