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Oh gosh, I’m chagrin to be testing this.  Oh well.  Onward in the name of exploration!

Scent Name:  Girlfriend

Manufacturer:  Bieber Time Fragrances

Scent Description and Notes: “GIRLFRIEND is an enticing fragrance made to get your heart racing as you experience that feeling of getting personal with Justin. One spray and you’ll finally experience the exhilaration of holding on and never letting go. Every touch, every breath—all captured in a flirty, new scent. Dare to get closer?

Flirty, personal, and inviting, GIRLFRIEND draws you in with its fresh, eye-catching bottle, wrapped in gold lacing and topped with a revolutionary, new, magnetic cap.

Sparkling Pear, Crisp Mandarin, Rich Blackberry, Mara Strawberry, Pink Freesia, Star Jasmine, Apricot Nectar, Orange Blossom, Vanilla Orchid, Luminous Musk.
Flirty. Personal. Inviting.”                         


Perfume Oil Color:  Clear.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is a longer, slender version of the 1.5ml sample vial.  The vial is clear with purple writing featuring the brand, Justin’s signature, amount, and type of perfume (Eau de). The brand name is both in block letters and in Beiber’s handwriting, although the scent name is conspicuously absent.


  • In the Vial (ITV):  It reminds me of a spring day in a orchard. Apricot, pear, strawberry, and vanilla abound.
  • Wet: The vanilla and strawberry are stronger on my skin, followed by juicy apricot (this is a gorgeous note in here , pear, mandarin, and musk.  This makes my mouth salivate, actually   I have to say, I’m impressed so far.  It is bright, innocent, and flirty  but the notes are rich and don’t come off as artificial fruit.
  • Dry:  It sweet fruits have died down, so now it’s mainly vanilla, musk, jasmine, and orange blossom.  I liked it so much better when it was wet.
Other Impressions:  “It smells like a pool, like all the combinations of scent – suntan lotion and all.” -Tony