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Scent Name:  Eau Fraiche

Manufacturer:  Versace

Scent Description and Notes: “This fresh, sexy interpretation of the Versace Man fragrance is a softer, more subtly sexy version of the original. Smooth fruits spiced with green leaves and warm notes of musk, amber, and sycamore wood, make this a scent for today’s more introspective man.

White Lemon, Rosewood, Carambola, Tarragon, Cedar Leaves, Clary Sage, Musk, Amber, Sycamore Wood.
Elegant. Seductive. Charismatic.                 


Perfume Oil Color:  Clear.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is a standard 1.5ml sample vial.  The vial is a light blue plastic with silver writing featuring the name of the scent, brand, the type of perfume (Eau de Toilette), and the distribution information. The  brand name and the scent name are both in clean block text with the brand name situated in larger font above the scent name.

Image from Sephora.com

Image from Sephora.com


  • ITV: It’s citrusy and very fresh smelling – lemon, sage, and a touch of amber.
  • Wet:  Lemon zest, cedar, sage, light wood, a faint bit of tropical fruit (very light).
  • Dry: Citrus and musk.
Other Impressions:  “It’s like citrus man salad.” -Tony