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Scent Name: O

Manufacturer:  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Ars Amatoria

Scent Description and Notes: The scent of sexual obsession, slavery to sensual pleasure, and the undercurrent of innocence defiled utterly. Amber and honey with a touch of vanilla. – BPAL

Oil Color: – (Cannot tell in brown apothecary bottles)

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is a standard 5ml brown apothecary bottle.  The label extends just under halfway around the bottom.  The label features the name of the company along with the phrase “hand blended perfume oil” framing the BPAL symbol along the bottom.  The name of the scent takes up the largest portion of the label in tall block fond.  All of this is set against a parchment colored background and framed by an ornate iron-work border.


  • In the Bottle (ITB): In the bottle, I smell baking vanilla and honey.
  • Wet:  Vanilla and honey still come through, but I’m getting a powdery scent, which I hope dies down a bit.
  • Dry:  As it starts to dry, I am getting much more amber now, and the honey and vanilla seem to be taking a back seat. I still smell powder though.   Once dried, the scent becomes heavy amber and some honey, followed lightly by vanilla. The powdery scent is gone, thank goodness, and I’m left with a lovely, rich scent.
Other Impressions: None.