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Before looking at the scent description, the word “tropical” worries me because I imagine the scent will be just too sweet and overripe.

Scent Name:  Tropical Moon

Manufacturer: Solstice Scents –  Summer 2012

Scent Description and Notes: “Coconut, Tuberose, Tahitian Gardenia, Lime Essential Oil & Pink Lotus Attar.” -Solstice Scents

Oil Color: Clear.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz). The imp has a black cap and a parchment-colored label that features the name of the company and the website in black font with the name of the scent written in ink along the blank portion of the label.


  • ITI:  I get pink lotus and gardenia.  It is tropical, not in the overripe way that I had anticipated.  It’s rather floral and intoxicating.
  • Wet: Gardenia, plastic (?), and lotus with a hint of coconut.  I’m not sure where the plastic note is coming from, but it’s really odd.
  • Dry: I still get plastic, then coconut meat, then gardenia and lotus.  If it weren’t for the plastic I’m getting, I’d really like this scent.

Other Impressions: “I like it.  It’s like cinnamon and butter.” -Tony