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Scent Name:  Saint Lucia

Manufacturer: Conjure Oils – A Holiday Pastiche (Limited Edition)

Scent Description and Notes: “Observed on December 13 in Scandinavian countries, it is the Feast Day of Saint Lucia, whose name means “light”.This is represented in the yearly tradition of choosing one lucky little girl to wear a flowing white gown, don a glowing candle-studded crown and lead a line of candle bearing maidens trailing behind her to represent Saint Lucia overcoming the darkness of her blindness. The Saint is often portrayed holding a golden plate containing her own eyes that some say were plucked out by enemies, yet other sources claim that she gouged them out herself. It is of no surprise then that she is venerated at the darkest time of the year

An illuminating blend offering the sweet scent of lucia yeast buns baked with cardamom and saffron then slowly drizzled with sweet orange glaze rounded out with just a hint of lingonberry twigs from the candle wreath warmed by the candle’s steady glow.” -Scent Base and http://www.conjureoils.com/feri_oils.htm

Oil Color: A deeply resinous brown – almost a pitched black.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz). The imp has a parchment-colored label that features the name of the company, its slogan,and the website in black.  The side displays the  collection information while the front contains the scent name.  Ann text is surrounded by a floral bust slightly Asiatic border.


  • ITI: Oh gosh, so foody!  I get sweet Hawaiian buns with orange glaze.  It actually makes me hungry.
  • Wet: The orange is much stronger, but it’s orange infused with cardamom, followed by sweet bread and berry scented candles.  
  • Dry: The candle, lingonberry,and something that reminds me a bit of a Christmas green scent are most dominant, followed by light bread, cardamom, and orange glaze.  I’ve grown to like this one!

Other Impressions: None.