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Scent Name:  Ellen Tracy

Manufacturer:  Ellen Tracy

Scent Description and Notes: Ellen Tracy by Ellen Tracy is her signature perfume in her fragrance line that is an Oriental woody perfume for women that is bursting with fruity notes. There’s just something about Ellen Tracy by Ellen Tracy that makes this such a captivating perfume. The combination of peach and sugar-spun plums makes this perfume a subtle yet elegant scent that is contemporary classic that accents individuality, like Tracy herself.

Ellen Tracy by Ellen Tracy is enticing and memorable due to the unique blend of flowers, fruits, and spices that is meant to inspire a women’s sensuality through evoking a feeling of confidence and self esteem. Shop for discount Ellen Tracy perfume at Perfume.com the best perfume store in the US for women’s perfume and cheap perfume online for the best selling designer perfumes for women.

Created: 2000 Type: Oriental – Woody

Notes: Top Note: Plum, green notes, galbanum, osmanthus, peach, hiacynth, bergamot and lemon.  Base Note: Sandalwood, amber, musk, oakmoss, raspberry and cedar”                  –http://www.perfume.com/ellen-tracy/ellen-tracy/women-perfume

Perfume Oil Color:  Clear.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is a wider 1.5ml sample vial.  The vial is clear with white  writing featuring the name of the scent / manufacturer along with “Eau de Parfum.”


  • In the Vial (ITV):  It’s perfume-y but also feminine.  I can pick out the osmanthus, raspberry (very faint). sandalwood, amber, and cedar.
  • Wet:  After the scent of the alcohol dissipates, I start to pick up the plum, amber, lemon, musk, galbanum, and Bertram notes.  There is also a greenness to this scent that I;m attracted to, but I could see this one turning powdery on my skin, so I’m hesitant to pass judgement.
  • Dry: Yep, it did turn powdery and a bit older.  I get some plum, lots of musk, bergamot, and galbanum and sandalwood, but the scent strikes me as something for an early 40s or late 30s woman.
Other Impressions: None.