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Scent Name: Green Tree Viper

Manufacturer:  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab –  Carnaval Diabolique: Act III: The Snake Pit

Scent Description and Notes: “Snake Oil with four mints, bergamot, and green tea. – BPAL

Oil Color: – I cannot tell the color of the oil by looking into the brown apothecary bottle.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is a 5ml standard brown apothecary bottle.  The label extends just under halfway around the bottom.  The label is a spin-off of Snake Oil’s in that it has the same parchment colored background, black ombre scroll work framing bold, shadowed block font with collection information underneath.  The black font under the bottom ombre scroll/floret reads “The Snake Pit / Black Phoenix Alchemical Lab / Fiaza’s Friends / Carnaval Diabolique.”  The image is of a green tree viper superimposed over the company and collection information.

Image from ebay.

Image from ebay.


  • ITB:  I can certainly smell a few varieties of mint.  One is pure and green like mint liquor, while the second I detect is a duskier mint, like those in natural cough drops. The Indonesian oil  and vanilla rise up to meet the mint the longer I sniff.
  • Wet:  Indonesian oil, vanilla, tea, dusty mint, and bergamot with a hint of green tea.  It’s an intriguing scent.
  • Dry:  It’s warm, slightly resinous, and minty now from the vanilla, bergamot, mint, and oils.  There is a light foody quality to this, but the addition of the mint makes it very palatable and interesting.
Other Impressions: “It’s faint, but it smells like spiced cupcake and citrus?  No, berry, like a tart berry.  It’s not strawberry, but currant?  Maybe loganberry?” -Tony