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Scent Name:  Night’s Bridge

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Neil Gaiman: Neverwhere

Scent Description and Notes: “NIGHT’S BRIDGE
And then they turned a corner, and saw the bridge. It could have been one of the bridges over the Thames, five hundred years ago, thought Richard; a huge stone bridge spanning out over a vast black chasm, into the night. But there was no sky above it, no water below. It rose into darkness.

Stone and darkness. -BPAL

Oil Color: I remember being amazing at the beauty of this oil’s blue-green color when I had a tester of this one.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a 5ml standard brown apothecary bottle.  The label extends just under halfway around the bottom.  The label features the name of the company name and collection in white block font along the bottom of the image.  The scent name is just above this, aligned to the right in larger white block font.  The image is of someone crossing the gloomy-looking Night’s Bridge. 


  • ITB:  It smells like damp cobblestones and a dark and dangerous men’s cologne.
  • Wet:  It smells almost like a fougere with a touch of anise and something floral.  However, it’s dark and musky, fitting of stone and darkness. 
  • Dry: It really does seem like there in anise in here as whatever it is is stronger on my skin along with the dark musk.  It’s an intriguing scent. 

Other Impressions: None.