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I honestly don’t know if it possible for me to not like this one:  tobacco, green tea, opium, and ambergris?  The only way this could possibly be better is if I added some frankincense and myrrh.  Hmm, and evil paladin (layering BPAL scents) sounds awfully sexy.

Scent Name:  Evil

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – RPG

Scent Description and Notes: Smouldering opium tar, tobacco absolute, green tea, black plum, kush, ambergris accord, ambrette seed, and costus root. -BPAL

Oil Color: I cannot tell from the brown apothecary bottle.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a 5ml standard brown apothecary bottle, although this is a printed label from a half bottle decant from ralenth.  The label extends just under halfway around the bottom.  The label features the name of the collection name in black font along the top and the decanting information along the bottom and up the side of the label.  The image looks exactly like the one from the lab below.

  • ITB:  This reminds me of The Bodyshop’s Dewberry scent for some reason, but with a little more soapiness (in a very positive way) and a touch of resin.
  • Wet: Oh yes!  It’s dark, rich, foreboding, but powerfully attractive.  Of course, I’m in love with ambergris, so that’s part of it.  However, that note paired with the plum and kush is sweet, while the tobacco and opium tar give it a brooding tone that is simply divine.  And talk about significant throw!
  • Dry: Gosh, this is amazing.  Ambergris, tobacco, opium, and plum swirl into a heady mixture that makes me want to swoon.  Ack, I need much more of this.

Other Impressions: “It smells like flowers, but dark flowers.  It’s nice.” -Tony