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Scent Name: In His Hands All Thy Cruelties Thrive

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab –  Lupercalia 2013: Our Lady of Pain (2/14/13-4/01/13)

Scent Description and Notes: “Thou shalt blind his bright eyes though he wrestle,
Thou shalt chain his light limbs though he strive;
In his lips all thy serpents shall nestle,
In his hands all thy cruelties thrive.
In the daytime thy voice shall go through him,
In his dreams he shall feel thee and ache;
Thou shalt kindle by night and subdue him
Asleep and awake.

Gleaming black vetiver, bay laurel, opoponax, hiba wood, Spanish moss, clove, and leather accord.” -BPAL

Oil Color: Clear and colorless.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard 5ml brown apothecary bottle. The label features a white with green vine background, on top of which are the collection, scent, scent name, and company name in orange block font.  The image on the front label is a detailed ink drawing of what reminds me of Mary, but multiple swords seem to be driven into her heard while he prays, adorned in gorgeously detailed vestments.  Above her head and crown, a black flame hovers.


  • ITB:  Oh, strong leather and vetiver with a complex sweetness from the hiba wood and the opoponax makes this an alluring and slightly dangerous scent.
  • Wet: There’s a bit more hiba wood, clove, and opoponax here, but the vetiver and leather are still delicately sexy underneath the sweet resinous-ness of the top notes. 
  • Dry: The opononax and clove take center stage, followed by the hiba wood, very light leather, and faint laurel.  IT’s absolutely gorgeous – dark, brooding, yet comforting and sweet.  

Other Impressions: Even after a shower and exfoliation, this scent lingers in the most wondrous way.