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Scent Name: Pale, Without Name or Number

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab –  The Garden of Proserpine: 8/20/13

Scent Description and Notes:Greek musk, violet leaf, carrot seed, and ho wood. -BPAL

Oil Color:  I cannot tell from the brown apothecary bottle. 

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard 5ml brown apothecary bottle. The  label features a close-up of Rossetti’s Proserpine, who is clutching a pomegranate next to her chest.  The name of the company and the scent are in widely spaced black block letters near the bottom of the cropped image.

Rossetti's Proserpine.

Rossetti’s Proserpine.


  • ITB:  I get a strong sense of green musk with violet leaf and subtle tones of carrot seed.  It is a similar quality  – something earthy and slightly dark – to the scent I reviewed yesterday (I Am Tired of Tears and Laughter).
  • Wet:  It’s a bit more earthy thanks to the carrot seed and green musk, although the violet leaf is still pretty clear.  There is only a faint impression of ho wood.  It’s an odd scent and I’m not sure whether or not I really like it.
  • Dry: After 12 hours, the scent is hardly detectable.  I smell something soft and clean, but nothing distinct.  After reapplication and roughly an hour of settling time, the scent is dusty, very musky, and slightly sweet, the musk and oudh being the most distinguishable notes.  It’s odd and I’m still not sure I like this as well as I had anticipated. 

Other Impressions: “Like patchouli, butter, and sandalwood, but not that much sandalwood.” -Tony