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Scent Name:  Nigredo V7

Manufacturer: Black Phoneix Alchemy Lab – Prototype: Clearing Out the Cobwebs 2: Dark Delicacies Trunk Show

Scent Description and Notes: None provided

Oil Color: I cannot tell the oil color through the dark brown apothecary bottle.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard 5ml brown apothecary bottle.  The label extends just under halfway around the bottom.  The scent name is in black handwritten type font written on what looks like a lined paper background.  The word “prototype” is in a black version of the font, which is right above the name of the company in the same font.

Image from BPAL Friends on Flickr.

Image from BPAL Friends on Flickr.


  • ITI: It’s an interesting smoky, resinous blend. It reminds me of the lab’s vetiver and its fire/smoke notes.  I think there might be some galbanum in here along with something that is just the tiniest bit green, like menthol.
  • Wet:   Oh yeah, that’s vetiver with camphor and some kind o f resinous wood underneath, perhaps myrrh, but it is not as sweet as I would normally anticipate it to be.  
  • Dry:  There is  a slightly sweet spiciness to the scent as it dries, as if there were a supple brown leather note rubbed  with all spice, infused with vetiver and camphor or cedar. 

Other Impressions: The main problem I had with this one was that the scent was strong that I started getting a headache from the intense scent even with my hand extended as far away from me as possible.  “It smells like tobacco, leather, and spices…mulling spices.” -Tony