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Scent Name:  Corrupt Chancellor 

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab  – Black Phoenix Trading Post: Naughty or Nice Inquisition – Fairy Tale Edition

Scent Description and Notes: “Are you over your liege lord’s shenanigans? Do you think you could do one better? Look no further! We have the perfect Power Cologne for you! Overthrow the rightful regent with style:

smoky vetiver cologne with black leather, black pepper, smoky coffee bean, Italian bergamot, and Mysore sandalwood. -BPAL

Oil Color: I cannot tell from the brown apothecary bottle.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a 5ml standard brown apothecary bottle.  The label extends just under halfway around the bottom.  The label features the name of the company in a light golden yellow, on top of which is the name of the collection in tiny ruddy letters.  The name of the scent is above that in much larger white block font, while “naughty” is displayed in the same sized font as the name, but in the ruddy color. The image is of a goblin with horns holding a whip and some branches.


  • ITB:  The scent starts with a smoky cologne (thank you , vetiver), followed by leather and bergamot with a slight dash of coffee.  It’s somewhat masculine, but very interesting.
  • Wet: Smoky vetiver, cologne with something like anise in it, bergamot, smooth sandalwood, a subtle hint of leather and coffee  This is really nice!
  • Dry: A number of hours later, the scent is a very subdued combination of sweet sandalwood, bergamot, a dab of coffee, and vetiver cologne.

Other Impressions: “Juniper.  Lots of juniper.” -Tony