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Scent Name:  Winchester

Manufacturer: Haunt – Autumn Update

Scent Description and Notes: “worn brown leather, sweet tobacco leaf, incense, amber, labdanum and smoldering woods” -Haunt and Scentbase

Oil Color: A cool yellowed white.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard 5ml brown apothecary bottle.  The label background is a mottled fleur-de-lis wallpaper with a cameo in the center, outlined in black filigree and a book within that border. The right side features the name of the scent in lower case letters.  Beneath that is the phrase “Perfume Oil”, followed by a list of ingredients and the company website at the very back edge of the label. The left part of the label contains the title of the company in large, gothic black font and the company’s address in  a standard Italic font of a much smaller size.


  • ITB: It’s sweet like a churro, but more resinous, with tobacco. I like it so far.
  • Wet: I still get very sweet resins, almost cinnamon and sugar-like, with fragrant tobacco.  I get a little of the wood now, but it’s a soft one.  It doesn’t change much from in the bottle to on my skin, for which I’m thankful.
  • Dry: It’s sweetly spiced, warm, sensuous and comforting from the tobacco and amber. Delicious!

Other Impressions:  “It’s like eating an almond croissant in a tulip shop.” -Tony