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Scent Name:  Chance

Manufacturer:  Chanel

Scent Description and Notes: Chance in French means ‘luck’. Chanel and Chance sound so similar as if they were created for each other. Chance is the only Chanel perfume in round bottle as opposed to the classical plane Chanel N°5 rectangle bottle. It is not accidental, though, as it is a ‘wheel of fortune’. A wave of extreme freshness meets with the flowery notes and continues with sensual spicy composition. ‘Chance is a tornado… the door open to adventure and unknown, just like lips ready for a kiss.’

There are pink pepper, lemon and pine apple in the top notes. The heart encompasses hyacinth, jasmine and iris, while the base is composed of amber, patchouli, vetiver and white musk. The perfume was created by Jacques Polge in 2003.” -Fragrantica.com

Perfume Oil Color:  Like champagne

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is a standard 1.5ml sample vial.  The vial is a clear  plastic with no writing on it as this is a sample from Sephora.


  • ITV: It reminds me of Gap’s Dream from years ago but with a slightly rounder and warmer tone from the white musk and amber.  I loved Dream and I think I like this one as well, but we’ll see how it behaves on my skin.
  • Wet: It’s lemony, sweetly floral from the iris and hyacinth, with tones of pepper, musk, amber, and light fruit behind it.  It still has that Dream quality, but it’s a little more floral and tamely fruit once applied.
  • Dry:  Much of the Dream qualities have now burned off.  It’s a light, floral perfume with the most dominant notes being the iris, lemon, musk, and pineapple.  I like it.
Other Impressions: “It’s like somebody just rubbed the inside of my nose with a flower shop.” -Tony