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Scent Name: Penny Dreadful

Manufacturer:  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Bewitching Brews

Scent Description and Notes: Also called Gallows Literature. A dime novel rife with melodrama, horror, madness and cruelty; a ten cent analogy of vice and virtue in conflict. Soft perfume evocative of noir heroines over rich red grave loam. – BPAL

Oil Color:  An ambered apricot color.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz).  The label wrapped around the bottle features an Art-Deco inspired phoenix with the name of the company next to the phoenix. On the other side, the title of the scent written in large, clear black font outlined with red on the front.


  • ITI: I get gingerbread spice, mulling spices, apple, but something along the lines of a tart burner wax’s apple, faint loam (but not in a bad way, but in a just rained damp earth way), and a faint creamy floral underneath.  What an interesting combination of notes.  Note:  This one is very strong with lots of throw.  I recapped it after my sniff and I can smell it strongly even though I’m sitting over a foot away from it.  Actually, I would love my entire room to smell like this.
  • Wet: Yes, that’s most certainly spiced gingerbread with earth.  I’m still picking up on the creamy undertone, but it isn’t incredibly defined, like the Lab’s cream notes.  I think it might be a subtle vanilla.
  • Dry:  I had to reapply as I had an unfortunate encounter with expired lotion.  After some time, it’s lightly floral with a hint of  damp earth and spice.  I really like this, despite the odd notes.
Other Impressions: None.