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I’m still without internet, so having to rely on data and a device that doesn’t allow cut and pasting for longer scent descriptions is proving problematic.

Scent Name:   India Musk

Manufacturer: True Scents

Scent Description and Notes: India musk.

Perfume Oil Color:  A rich fireweed honey color 

Bottle Design and Artwork:  this is a larger file with a clear 1 captain clear glass mile body. The label art features the name of the company at the top in purple font, the phrase essential oil, the scent name in black font and the website in smaller, purple font.


  • ITV:  was expecting more analytics must come up but this is a much more perfumania must. It reminds me of that off the musk reminiscent of Chanel number 5
  • Wet:  On my hand it’s still a very floral musk but there’s also some light fruity tones to it like lychee. It’s actually a very pleasant scent.
  • Dry: After about an hour, it’s more musk than it is floral or fruit. But there’s a bit of floral in it. This would be really fabulous paired with murder or patchouli or even jasmine.
Other Impressions: None.