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Scent Name:   Amber, Palm, and Vanilla Orchid

Manufacturer:  Melange – Amber palette

Scent Description and Notes: Vanilla, orchid, palm, amber.

Perfume Oil Color: This is a solid perfume the color of solid coconut oil. 

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is set up like an eye-shadow palette.



  • ITP: I’m getting vanilla orchid and spiced plum with a touch of plum. It reminds me of a room spray.
  • Wet: It is still very similar, although the spiced note is stronger, the vanilla leads as pervasive, and the orchid more gentle. It’s a nice scent.
  • Dry:  It remains very similar to due its solid nature.  It’s a sweet, inoffensive sent that is very feminine and would serve great as any layer when combining scents.
Other Impressions: None.