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Scent Name:   Santal, Lily, and Tonka

Manufacturer:  Melange – Amber palette

Scent Description and Notes: Santal, lily, tonka, beeswax, jojoba oil.

Perfume Oil Color: This is a solid perfume the color of citronella wax.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is set up like an eye-shadow palette.



  • ITP: It still has a bit of the spiced note I’m smelling in the other solids, but it is much more floral from the lily and the tonka is also distinctly clear even directly from the palette itself.
  • Wet:  This one is a soft combination of lily, beeswax, santal, and tonka that is feminine, reflective, and soothing.  I actually like this one as a stand alone.
  • Dry:  After some time, the beeswax is the stronger base note, followed by the lily and the tonka.  It’s sweeter than before, which I’m actually more sad about than I expected as the scent was very well balanced when still fresh on my skin.
Other Impressions: None.