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Scent Name:  Noir Tease

Manufacturer:  Victoria’s Secret –  Sexy Little Thing

Scent Description and Notes: “Flirt. Play. Tease! Seductress meets coquette in this boudoir-inspired fragrance from our award-winning Sexy Little Things collection. The warm blend of black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia wraps you in modern glamour. Our signature atomizer makes this eau de parfum the ultimate in retro cool. Show it off!

  • Fragrance type: Warm
  • Top notes: Mandarin, lychee, frozen pear, red delicious apple
  • Middle notes: Sweet pea, jasmine, gardenia, freesia, magnolia
  • Dry-down notes: Benzoin laos, vanilla, musk, praline, amber, sandalwood.” -Victoria’s Secret website

Perfume Oil Color: Blush pink.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is a larger and squatter sample 2.66 ml/.09 fl oz vial with a  clear body and a black cap with matching spray nozzle. The bottle itself is clear glass with black font throughout.  The name of the scent is in large, stylized font while the type of perfume, amount, production information, and location are all in much smaller surrounds placed around the vial.


  • ITV:  On first sniff, I’m met with a pleasant, soft, femininely sweet scent – it’s floral, but not overtly white or imposing due to the combination of magnolia, sweet pea, pear, and red apple over the gardenia and jasmine., yet there is also a foody muskiness to this from the praline, vanilla, musk, and amber that makes this scent a little more racey than one would normally wear to the office.
  • Wet: Oh, that’s much sweeter on my skin.  The pear, apple, and praline aren’t nearly as balanced on my skin as it was on the testing strip. However, as it settles, I’m now getting a bit more lychee, mandarin, more powdery aspects of sandalwood, vanilla, and amber.  There’s almost a creme brulee sub-note here.  As a non-foody, I’m actually not put off by this entirely, which I think might be due to the juicy fruit notes and florals over top.
  • Dry: It’s super faint, but it still largely retains the sense of warm, sensual fruits and florals with amber, mandarin, and gardenia still being faintly distinguishable.
Other Impressions:  “What’s that pink bottle you tried on in Bangkok? Versace’s “Bright Crystal”?  I can’t remember exactly what the bottle smelled like, but I immediately thought of that one when I smelled this.  It smells like flowery bubblegum.” -Tony