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Scent Name:  Ageless

Manufacturer:  Harvey Prince

Scent Description and Notes: “Now, smell as young as you feel. Inspired by scientific research and crafted with love, Ageless by Harvey Prince defies your skin’s natural age-revealing scent. Its notes are an inviting blend of pink grapefruit, pomegranate, luscious mango, with a dry down of jasmine and natural musk.

Here’s the secret: Ageless is inspired by recent studies conducted by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, which find pink grapefruit and mango to be the olfactory antidote to aging. The fragrant notes disguise the familiar scent of age, caused by the breakdown of particular fatty acids in your skin. Women from around the world are loving Ageless; based on their testimonials and our own trials, Ageless makes you feel and smell 8-12 years younger.

Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Mango, Jasmine, Tuberose, YlangYlang, Sandalwood. Style:  Fresh. Sensual. Luminous. ” -http://harveyprince.com/product/ageless-100ml-3-4-oz-213.html#.U9PoVvldV8M

Perfume Oil Color: Champagne color.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is slightly larger than standard vial (1.2)  clear body and a clear with matching spray nozzle. The bottle itself is clear plastic with clean, minimal, block black font with the name of the scent at the top and the name of the designer at the bottom.  it’s an attractive aesthetic.



  • ITV:  I received this as one of my rewards for accumulated points in March and I’ve already used most of my sample vial.  I should preface this review by saying that I’m a fan of citrus scents, so immediately this is playing strongly into my likes just as heady, resinous scents do.  The light, paper base of ylang ylang is in interesting start to the scent, and it’s made  more complex and sophisticated with top notes of pink grapefruit flesh, tuberose, and the impression of sandalwood long since burned.  It’s so pleasantly clean.
  • Wet: The scent becomes more distinctly floral on my skin as the tuberose and a balanced jasmine emerge stronger than the ylang ylang (although the paperienss that I enjoyed earlier is still there).  There’s also a touch more green and acid from a more developed grapefruit and a hint of young mango.
  • Dry: The scent is absolutely lovely – gentle, clean, floral, on slightly resinous – on my skin.  It does read as youthful, but not in the typical bubblegum and roses way, but more of a gentle vibrance that comes from living a thankful life filled with good friends.  This is a great scent in my eyes.
Other Impressions: None.