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Ah, with the return of the forum, so to have my BPAL returned.  I now have a fresh stock of Only Lovers Left Alive imps along with a handful of General Catalog imps. Granted, I still have two vials of designer fragrance vials on my desk along with a host of Aveda scents, but I think those can wait until I finish reviewing the OLLA scents.

Scent Name: Eve

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Only Lovers Left Alive

Scent Description and Notes: “Eve is eternal: in three-thousand years, she has likely traveled the length and breadth of the world, immersed in innumerable cultures throughout the ages, observing the ebb and flow of humanity and the imperishability of nature itself. Despite her age, she is the character that seems most rooted, always experiencing each moment with open eyes, always fully present.

Her scent is one that travels through the eons: the Irish moss, yarrow, and hawthorn of the Iron Age Britons, ancient Rome’s omphacium and honey, myrrh and calamus from Egypt, the frankincense and damask roses of the Florentine Renaissance, white sandalwood from the Far East, Moroccan saffron and rose water, and a swirl of incense from the souks. -http://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/only-lovers-left-alive/

Oil Color: A filtered sunlight color.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz). This is a decant from ralenth.  On the back, she has the notes of the scent, the side features her decanting information, and the front features the company acronym, the title of the scent, the collection, and the date, along with a scent-appropriate image.  The label art for the bottle is below:


  • ITI:  I have to admit that I was a fool for waiting on this one.  It had honey in it, and I was so hung on on that note that I didn’t want to chance it until I had tried it on my skin.  Sadly, by the time the imp arrived, Eve had sold out.  This is an interesting one when I open the imp – it’s both feminine but also incredibly forward and forceful due to the green notes.  The incense, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood notes are deliciously heady, making for a very frown-up floral scent overall.  It was at this point that I could see what all the fuss was all about.
  • Wet: On my skin, it’s a gorgeous symphony of spicy calamus, beautifully languid resinous notes of myrrh, thick frankincense, and smoldering sandalwood swirl under the highs of the damask rose, clear saffron, well-behaved and gentle honey (who would have known!), and a touch of grounding omphacium, which stems from unripened grapes/olives.
  • Dry: After 10 hours, the scent is still a really lovely blend of soft resins (sandalwood and myrrh most distinctly), damask rose, a touch of sweetness from the honey, incense, and saffron.  Dang it.

Other Impressions: “Mmm, what is it that you’re wearing. You smell incredible. It’s like roses and musk, and almonds.  Get more of that.  It’s like your skin smell amplified in the best way.” -Tony