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Name:  New Orleans

Manufacturer:  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Wanderlust

Scent Description and Notes: Reminiscent of hothouse blooms on a humid night, ripe, but touched with decay. Sweet honeysuckle and jasmine with a hint of lemon and spice. – www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com

Oil Color: Bright highlighter yellow.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz).  The label wrapped around the bottle features an Art-Deco inspired phoenix with the name of the company next to the phoenix. On the other side, the title of the scent written in large, clear black font outlined with red on the front.


  • ITI: Jasmine.  Yep, that’s jasmine alright – strong and imperious, pushing almost all the other notes out of its way.  Lemon does try to make a showing, but it soft and timid against its assertive note “companion”.
  • Wet: Okay, at least the jasmine is somewhat tempered by the honeysuckle and lemon on my skin, but it’s still way too much. It smells like crazy disinfectant, lemon cleaner, and jasmine deodorizer.  Well, at least I smell clean.  Then again, my skin just doesn’t like jasmine.
  • Dry:  It’s just jasmine and lemon, but mostly jasmine now.  Alas, into the swap pile you go.
Other Impressions: None.