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I’m going to review my M.A.C. fragrances since they have been waiting so patiently.  I think I used MV5, but I do remember fondly that it was a crisp, green scent that reminded me of cut grass.

Scent Name:   MAC Creations Fragrance Blend Variation Parfumee MV4: Pinkaura

Manufacturer:  MAC Cosmetics – Creations II 2005

Scent Description and Notes: “Lingeringly floral, slightly foxy. Starts off green then bursts into a flowery bouquet of freesia, black violet and magnolia petals. Sashays into a rich warm amber and balmy vetiver.” – http://www.angelfire.com/mac2/ambriel/fragrance_mac.htm

Perfume Oil Color:  Clear.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is the smaller MV4 Creations 15ML bottle. The lid is a pale pink rectangle (sharp edges), the middle is clear to grant you a view of the perfume, and the bottom is a slightly rounded black rectangle.  The tube that extends into the perfume matches the bottle cap perfectly. The Company’s logo is engraved on the top of the lid, but the body of the bottle features no other writing unless you turn the fragrance over.  There, you find a sticker of the company logo in white against a black background, the collection in smaller bold fold, the amount and location of the company in smaller block font below that.



  • ITB:  For me, the scent is largely floral, although there is some greenness as a bid tone underneath the freesia (very prominent) and the magnolia. There’s a touch of warmth from the amber, but it reads less like amber and more like musk when paired with the vetiver.  That note is really just an impression of smokiness, not the thick, indolent note the Lab uses.
  • Wet: The vetiver is a bit stronger when wet, but the ffreesianote is just shouting above all the rest.  The greenness tries to keep up, and the amber lags behind.
  • Dry:  Wordpress ate my original thoughts, but I remember thinking that the scent once dry was primarily pink floral, with freesia being the most apparent note.  There’s a touch of resinousness from the vetiver, but it does skew just every so slightly powdery.
Other Impressions: None.