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Scent Name:   C-Squeeze

Manufacturer:  MAC Cosmetics – Creations 2005

Scent Description and Notes: “Freshly squeezed and fab to spritz! A sunny citrus and fruit-inspired blend of zesty notes, juiced up for energy, yet beautifully layered with a pleasure blend of relaxed, warm and sexy undertones.” – http://www.angelfire.com/mac2/ambriel/fragrance_mac.htm

Perfume Oil Color:  It looks like very diluted orange juice – orange tinted, but that’s about it.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is larger 20ml bottle. The lid is a bright orange colored rectangle (sharp edges), the middle is clear to grant a view of the perfume, and the bottom is a slightly rounded black rectangle.  The tube that extends into the perfume matches the bottle cap perfectly. The company’s logo is engraved on the top of the lid, but the body of the bottle features no other writing unless you turn the fragrance over.  There, you find a sticker of the company logo in white against a black background, the collection in smaller bold fold, the amount and location of the company in smaller block font below that.


  • ITB: I get sharp orange rind or zest, unsweetened orange juice, perhaps a musk, and a touch of green.  It certainly smacks heavily of summer.
  • Wet:  On my arm, the scent is bright and sharp, just like the scent of cutting into a ripe orange that is cool to the touch.  I’m picking up some warmth to it, but I’m still not entirely convinced whether or not it’s a musk or a blond wood.  Either way, C-Squeeze is refreshing.
  • Dry: After the scent has settled, it still retains the quality of fresh citrus rind and a hint of musk.  It’s something that I keep around when I want a pick-me-up or when I want a refreshing scent for the summer.
Other Impressions: None.