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Scent Name: Amber Crush

Manufacturer: Alchemic Muse

Scent Description and Notes: “A purely indulgent and deeply sensual treat! Precious golden amber resins crushed together with dark patchouli and sweetened with a veil of bourbon vanilla.”-AlchemicMuse.com

Oil Color: I cannot tell since the imp bottle is amber in color, although the oil has a slightly copper tone on my skin.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz). The label is printed on a nice quality sticker paper that has an aged blue color and what is supposed to mimic aged, slightly burned pages around the edge.  The Label features the name of the company in stylized script at the top, underneath which is the designation of products made.  Below that is a Baroque mantle piece of art that frames the name of the scent, which is in bold Gothic stylized font.  Below that is the phrase “perfume oil sample” in lighter and smaller font.


  • ITI: Oh, what decadent blend. The amber is rich, golden, and somewhat crystallized, as if bound in beeswax or fine honey. The vanilla is well balanced – sweet without being cloying, warm without being heavy.  To top it all off, the incense is thick with myrrh and frankincense, making this seem like a perfume fit for any wise woman or man.
  • Wet: On my skin, the vanilla is a bit more heady and the amber slightly thicker than in the imp, but glorious  nonetheless.
  • Dry:  The amber, still golden and slightly crystallized, has now become  a bit fainter. The incense still feels like it’s swirling about the amber, while the vanilla sweetens everything.  It’s not as decadent, but still a lovely scent.  I just wish it was stronger. Granted, the throw is about 2″ even after 5 hours of wear, so it has some legs. 

Other Impressions: None.