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Scent Name:  Bestiaire du Moyen Âge

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Art of the Unicorn Part 1

Scent Description and Notes: “Watery cerulean musk winding through crushed grass, apple blossom, wild mint, and pine needles.– https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/shop/limited-edition/bestiaire-du-moyen-age/

Oil Color: A faintly green oil, like the color of a green apple diluted 100 times.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz).  This is a sample from Mystery213.  The label features the name of the company and the name of the scent.  The bottle art is as follows:

Image from www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com

Image posted by http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com from Secrets of Natural History.

  • ITI: Apples instead of apple blossoms, something baked or softly brown, a touch of pine, and musk.  It reads a bit beastly, but it isn’t too bad.
  • Wet: Wow, what a difference!  Apples blossoms, crisp red apples in early fall permeated by sunlight warming a beautiful glade.  A dappled musk lilts from my wrist to soften and enhance the purity of the scent.
  • Dry:  The scent is more green and slightly bitter. Grass, cut recently becomes the top note, followed by the musk, apple blossom, and the faintest hint of mint.  It’s certainly more green than in the imp or freshly applied.  However, since I adore the smell of freshly cut grass, it’s a win-win.

Other: None.