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Scent Name: Hoiru

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – In Memoriam: Lupercalia: Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements

Scent Description and Notes: “Bourbon vanilla and suede leather, tonka and patchouli, pale amber and blackened tea leaf, coconut husk and cashmere.” –bpal.org

Oil Color:  Clear on my skin.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard BPAL brown apothecary bottle.  The label wrapped around the bottle features the name of the scent in bold, yellow letters set just above the name of the company along the bottom of the label. Both the name of the company and the name of the collection frame the image in white bold letters on both the top and the bottom of the label. The label art features two males engaged in rather gymnastic intercourse.

  • ITI: It smells like baby oil mixed with cashmere. If I concentrate, I can just tease out the vanilla, but it’s virtually undetectable on first sniff.
  • Wet:  Initially, Hoiru smelled like baby oil when I first applied it, but just seconds later, the complexity of the notes emerge.  Now, I get cashmere, light patchouli, blackened tea, suede, and hints of coconut husk on my skin.
  • Dry: The scent doesn’t to seem to have some of the staying power of others I’ve tried recently.  What I do get 4 hours after application is coconut husk, a touch of vanilla, and a whisper of tea.

Other Impressions: None