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Scent Name: An Oiran Of The Yoshiwara And Her Customer

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Lupercalia 2018: Shungas

Scent Description and Notes: “Kadu leaf, white lavender, plum and ume blossom, a drop of pale cedar and crystal musk.” -https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/shop/limited-edition/lupercalia-2018/an-oiran-of-the-yoshiwara-and-her-customer/

Kadu is apparently a leaf used in Ayurvedic healing and is also known for its extremely bitter taste.

Oil Color: Colorless.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard 1/32 ml imp that has been decanted by Mystery213.  The back of the label has the scent notes and the decanting information.  The label features the label art that would have appeared on the bottle on front, which is a Japanese woodblock print of an oiran and a male customer, who is mostly nude save for a kimono over his shoulders, right before engaging in coitus.

  • ITI: Hmm, clean and green herbal notes with a very lovely ume/plum blossom notes mixed in with just a touch of bitter, which I’m assuming is from the kadu.
  • Wet: The white lavender is slightly more pronounced on my skin, followed by a very gauzy crystal musk dusted with plum and ume blossoms.  I’m not getting any bitterness anymore, but there’s still the impression of green just along the edge of the lavender note.
  • Dry: After 8 hours, all that’s left is a close-to-the-skin scent that smells vaguely green, musky, and clean, but nothing distinct enough to point to a single note.

Other Impressions:  None.