Scent Name: Huit

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Trading Post – Lupercalia: 

Scent Description and Notes: “Tea roses, pink sandalwood, hay absolute, and vanilla orchid.-

Oil Color: Slightly yellow oil on my skin.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard 5ml brown glass vial.  The name of the company and the collection are in small white bold font framing the image.  The label art is a tinted artistic image of a rose.  The scent name is in large, shadowed white font just above the company name, which is located closer to the bottom of the label.

  • ITB: Mmm, now that’s nice.  Soft tea rose flutters gently against the divine sandalwood and hay notes while the orchid adds a bit of sophistication to the scent, moving it from what might have been too girly to something elegant and sophisticated.  It reminds me of chiffon and marabou feathers.
  • Wet:  The tea rose is even more gorgeous and clearly on my skin. There’s a touch of green too along with faint sandalwood that adds a softness around the edges of the rose.
  • Dry: The tea rose has softened softened with the warmth of the vanilla orchid and something that comes across as faintly powdery.  The sandalwood is very faint but I don’t get much of the hay absolute.

Other Impressions:  “Well, the one yesterday smelled like baby wipes (Huit).  This one smells like baby powder.” -Tony