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Caveat:  I’m still recovering from sinus surgery.  Scents have been either really strong or faint to my nose.

Scent Name: The Initiatrix

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – The Fool’s Journey: The High Priestess – Faces of the High Priestess

Scent Description and Notes: “Guiding the aspirant to spiritual knowledge and attainment through silence, reflection, intuition, and direct experience.

Red benzoin and rose. -https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/shop/limited-edition/the-fools-journey/the-high-priestess/the-initiatrix/

Oil Color: A rose and marmalade jelly looking color.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard 1/32 ml imp that has been decanted for me by Yowahoshihime. Her label features the scent notes and her decanter information on the back. The front has the name of the  scent and company name along with the label art, which is as follows:

  • ITI: Beautiful, dusky pink rose surrounded by the gentle resin of benzoin.  It’s warm, somewhat antique, and very feminine.
  • Wet: The rose has a touch more green on my skin and isn’t as “pink”,  but the rose note itself is stunning. I can almost smell the plushness of the petals.  There is a lovely, faint creaminess to this as well, much interacts marvelously as the benzoin girly swirls around the rose note (which is clearly the star here).
  • Dry: After a few hours, the scent is a lovely, soft pink rose with just a hint of warm resin.  Wonderful!

Other Impressions:  “It smells like my Tia Paul’s plastic-covered couch.  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s comforting.  It’s definite a comforting scent.  It smells like an older relative who cares about you, but I don’t know what it is that makes me think of that, but it does.” -Tony