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Name:  Allegory

Manufacturer:  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – In Memoriam: Bewitching Brews

Scent Description and Notes: A sinuous, vibrant scent, striking in its boldness and complexity. Juniper and white cedarwood entwined with orange and raw civet. -BPAL.org

Oil Color: An oaken color.

Bottle Design and Artwork:  This is the lab’s brown apothecary bottle.  The label wrapped around the bottle features the name of the company in brown set in a black text field along the bottom of the scent.  “Vintage” in black outlined in hickory is aligned to the left just above that. The name of the scent is in the same bold black font outlined in hickory.  I can’t make up what the label art is, however.


Image courtesy of Tiah Schindelheim Rodriguez.

  • ITB: Strong cedarwood and juniper, proudly green and pleasantly astringent, with a dash of civet lending a brown animal musk underneath the green canopy of notes.
  • Wet: Juniper, strong and thick on my skin, feels like a welcome breath of cool wind in the growing Seattle heat.  The cedar warms just along along with the strongly musky and animistic civet, yielding a scent strongly evocative of the deep forest. There might be a ghost of orange in there, but I’m only getting flashes of it before it vanishes once again.
  • Dry: After 5 hours of dry-down time, the civet has overpowered everything, shifting the scent more toward sweet-smelling dung and orange peels with undertones of juniper and cedar.  I think this would be better layered with something that temper the civet, like a jasmine sambac or a fougere.  Thankfully,  the cedarwood reemerges after a couple more hours, yielding a sweetly animalistic, musky wood scent with a subtle hint if juniper astringency.

Other Impressions: “It’s like new leather or car smell and a cedar chest. Not bad.  I kinda like it.  Non-gender-specific.  Honestly, it’s more of a house smell. I want my house to smell like that.” -Tony (8 hrs dry)