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I have three remaining scents from another company (whose scents I’ve never tried before) to review before delving in to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s past and current winter collections.

Scent Name: Nocturnal Witch

Manufacturer: Nui Cobalt Designs – Arcana

Scent Description and Notes: “For those who love the quiet softness of the night and conduct their rituals in synchronicity with the glowing moon. Midnight sorcery, dark familiars, owls, tenebrous spirits, and black cats. A warm mix of Moroccan rose absolute, organic Egyptian geranium, worn black leather, shadowy incense, dark musk, red musk, Indonesian clove, and dusky oudh. -https://nuicobaltdesigns.com/products/arcana-nocturnal-witch?variant=53078001803

Oil Color: The color of a Hot Toddy.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard vial / imp size (1/32 oz). This is a decant from Crown & Tulip.  On the back, her decanting name in yellow with an abstract watercolor of the label along with the decanting website along the bottom in small black font.  The front of the label features a large stylized font of the scent name.  Below that is the name of the company, collection year, and decanting info in small Calibri-like font near the bottom of the label. The original bottle looks as follows:


  • ITI: On first sniff, reminds me of warm, faded dryer sheets, after most of their perfume has worn off on the clothing. When I concentrate, I can tease out the shadow incense over what I think is the oudh, but it skews insect-like to my nose. There is a suggestion of clove deep, deep below the other notes.  I’m not sure how I feel about this just yet. 
  • Wet: Notes of dusky oudh, leather, shadow incense and that bugginess that makes me so uneasy spring forth from my wrist. Geranium and clove peak out under the heavy top notes before shyly fading once again behind the curtain.
  • Dry: I like the dried version as the worn leather, geranium, shadow incense, faded clove and musk paint pictures of dark figures clothed in dusters walking through cobble stone streets late at night.

Other Impressions: “Meh.  Smells like perfume. There’s nothing distinct about it.” -Kelly