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Scent Name:  The Lady on the Grey

Manufacturer:  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Neil Gaiman: The Graveyard Book

Scent Description and Notes:A huge white horse, of the kind that the people who know horses would call a “grey”, came ambling up the side of the hill. The pounding of its hooves could be heard before it was seen, along with the crashing it made as it pushed through the little bushes and thickets, through the brambles and the ivy and the gorse that had grown up on the side of the hill. The size of a Shire horse it was, a full nineteen hands or more. It was a horse that could have carried a knight in full armour into combat, but all it carried on its naked back was a woman, clothed from head to foot in grey. Her long skirt and her shawl might have been spun out of old cobwebs.

Her face was serene, and peaceful.

They knew her, the graveyard folk, for each of us encounters the lady on the grey at the end of our days, and there is no forgetting her.

The horse paused beside the obelisk. In the east the sky was lightening gently, a pearlish, pre-dawn luminescence that made the people of the graveyard uneasy and made them think about returning to their comfortable homes. Even so, not a one of them moved. They were watching the lady on the grey, each of them half-excited, half-scared. The dead are not superstitious, not as a rule, but they watched her as a Roman Augur might have watched the sacred crows circle, seeking wisdom, seeking a clue.

And she spoke to them.

In a voice like the chiming of a hundred tiny silver bells she said only, “The dead should have charity.” And she smiled.

Ethereal, opalescent, and radiant: pearly sandalwood, white amber, tobacco flower, orris, castoreum bouquet, soft resins, and pale petals.” -BPAL.org

Oil Color: A thinned peach wine color.

Bottle Design and Artwork: This is a standard 1/32 ml imp that has been decanted for me, although I’m not sure by whom. The label just contains the scent name written in pink pen. The label art that appeals on the bottle is as follows:


  • ITI: Oh no, that’s glorious -coolly moonlit tobacco flower and pale evening-blooming flowers, scent-rich and haunting, threaded with thin strands of fruity castoreum and ghostly resin.  Dang it!  I wish this hadn’t been discontinued.
  • Wet: The amber peaks through the opalescent tobacco and pale flowers, while still maintaining that fruity and ever so pleasingly musky castoreum and gently wafting resins.
  • Dry:  After an 18 hour day, I’m honestly surprised that any scent is left. What lingers is just an impression of tobacco flower. I re-applied and let it settle for 4 hours.  Even after washing my hands, the scent of pale resin musks tinted with amber and tobacco flower still lingers.  

Other Impressions: “Hmm, it’s almost like a clove-y rose.  Dark red rose.” -Tony