As a young girl, I was always fascinated by the menagerie of perfume creatures and ornate bottles in my mother’s armoire.  When I became old enough to begin my endeavors into the world of scent, I quickly amassed a small collection.  Much unlike the images of women with 1 distinctive scent, I wanted to explore all the possibilities of the world of scent, which has lead me to the purpose of this blog.  I have gathered enough perfume to warrant wearing and reviewing a scent a day.  I welcome suggestions and recommendations to aid me on my scent odyssey.

The brands I have vary from indie to vintage designer, and I’m always open to trying something new.  Granted, the lion’s share of my collection is from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL), since imps are much easier to acquire (and less expensive than an imported rarity).


How to Use BPAL and essential oils:

1.  Apply scent directly to your wrist, neck, or decollage with glass wand, finger, Q-tip, or toothpick depending on whether or not you are sampling and will trade it away, or this is your beloved scent. Note that since it is essential oil rather than perfume, which is mixed with alcohol, the scent will smell differently on your skin than on someone else’s as no two individual’s skin chemistry is the same.

2.  IF the scent does not work on your skin but you like it in the bottle, consider lightly infusing a cotton disc or piece of a cotton ball with the scent and place it in a scent locket.  Many are available at the Black Phoenix Trading Post.

3.  You may use it in an oil burner, in your bath (if you are truly indulgent), placed on a sock and thrown into the dryer for delightfully scented laundry, or used as a hair scent in moderation if you apply it to your hands and smooth it through your hair.

1 thought on “About”

  1. This is a very interesting blog topic! While I run into some remnants of Japanese fragrance culture here (everything from scent making parties for men to scent guessing game parties for girls), I can’t say my scent palate is refined enough to fully appreciate it all. I certainly appreciate the depth that goes with fragrances, though!

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